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Delivery Information

Shipping& Handling

All items areshipped from our warehouses around the world. Some items are shippedfrom Asia.

Please allows 3-5business days processing time for the items to be shipped out fromour warehouse after your order.

Once items areshipped from our warehouse items will arrive at your address in 5-12business days. Including the processing time you would receive theitem within 17 days in most countries.

Shipping Method - International Free Shipping on Orders.
Delivery Time Area
5-12 days North America (USA )
5-12 days Oceanica (Australia)
5-12 days Europe (France Germany Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands)
5-12 days Europe (Sweden Portugal Italy)
5-12 days Europe (England)
5-12 days Europe (Finland Iceland Switzerland The Czech Republic Greece Austria)
5-12 days Europe (Norway Denmark Sweden Ireland Luxembourg Switzerland The Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Slovenia Romania Hungary Latvia Lithuania Estonia)
5-12 days North America (Canada Mexico)
7-15 days South America (Columbia Chile Peru Argentina Venezuela Ecuador))
5-12 days Asia (Korea Japan Philippines Vietnam Thailand Singapore Malaysia India Pakistan Kazakhstan Iran Israel Saudi Arabia Cyprus Palestine)
5-12 days Europe (Croatia Ukraine Georgia Spain Russia)
5-12 days Africa (Egypt Libya Morocco South Africa Niger Ghana Cote d'Ivoire Togo Sultan Guinea)
5-12 days Oceanica (New Zealand)

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